Real Debrid Review – An Honest Review Of This 1 Of A Kind Service

Real Debrid Review

I have been using real debrid for around 3 years at the time of writing this review, it is an absolute must-have service if you do any type of streaming from your firestick or android box, the speed at which it can download your video file to watch is insane.

real debrid review
real debrid review

It is best used in conjunction with whatever Kodi addon or Android application you use to stream your content, real debrid will do all the hard work behind the scenes which will free you up to just sit back and enjoy your favourite TV show or movie.

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What Is Real Debrid Premium?

Now you don’t need to go with the premium option but in my opinion, it is an absolute must, the price they ask you to pay is peanuts compared to all the streaming bandwidth you will get access to, below is a screenshot of the current pricing structure.

real debrid prices
real debrid prices

9 euros for 90 days is a crazy price for what you are getting, on top of that once you have 1000 fidelity points which are just the same as loyalty points you can exchange them for an extra 30 days of free service, I do this frequently.

So for every 9 euros you pay you will get 450 fidelity points, this quickly adds up, for only 27 euros in total that is a year’s worth of unlimited service, which in all the years I have been using them has had no service interruptions, it has been plain sailing all the way through.

It is in euros because it is a french based company, these guys have been raising the bar for years now, they currently support over 40 hosters, these are sites they download from to their servers, once they start downloading it is pretty much finished instantly.

They use the fastest internet connections available in Europe, which is why they can easily download 40GB+ of files in a blink of an eye, I find these sizes too big and stick to the 1080 size movies or TV shows, they tend to stream better for me.

Real debrid is simply a downloader service, on the front end you select what TV show or movie you want to watch from your device, and real debrid will download it on the back end and stream it for you, so you don’t have to manually download any file.

They also handle torrents too, nothing will be stored on your computer, and their high-end servers will download and store the video files on their end all you need to do is press play on your remote and they will do the rest.

Of course, you do not need to pay for the premium service but I urge you to do so, you are only allowed to use the service for a few hours a day if you don’t pay for the premium version and this is mainly during the day when you are more than likely going to be at work so it’s not very convenient, to say the least.

You can also log in to your web account and download any file you want from there and download it to your desktop, you can add torrents or magnet files and within a few seconds you will be presented with a download link, it’s as quick and as easy as that.

They support all the big hosting companies and they add more from time to time, what you will find is the ones they do support will be enough to get you any file you are after, here is a list of some of the hosters they currently support.

  • 1 Fichier
  • 4shared
  • Any file
  • BayFiles
  • ClickNUpload
  • DailyMotion
  • DataFileHost
  • download
  • DepositFiles
  • DropAPK
  • EasyBytes
  • FastClick
  • FileFactory
  • Filerio
  • GigaPeta
  • Google Drive
  • HitFile
  • HulkShare
  • MediaFire
  • Mega
  • MixDrop
  • MixLoads

Plus many more, just to be clear you do NOT need an account with each of these hosts, the fee you pay to real debrid is enough, they have their accounts with each of these services, this is a fact a lot of people get wrong, they believe you need premium accounts with every site, this is not the case data all and never will be.

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Is Real Debrid Worth It?

I wish there was an answer stronger than YES but YES it is, I stream a lot these days, and I have tested out a few other services and real debrid has never failed me yet, in this day and age you need a service like this to give you peace of mind when you stream.

All the traffic that goes through real debrid is encrypted and 100% secure, the fact they download torrents and magnet files (which is essentially very much like a torrent) is a bonus, long gone should be the days where you download torrents on your home computer.

The biggest draw for me was the price, it is extremely cheap, some similar services charge a lot more for a lot less, there is not a great deal of competition out there, there are only really 2 other companies who offer this type of service and their reviews leave a lot to be desired.

There is also no complicated setup involved you simply authorize via your application of choice and enter an authorization code via a link you will be shown on screen and you are off to the races, it is very easy to do although it might sound complicated.

And just to add to this there is no cap on the amount of bandwidth you can use, of course in my opinion it is best to stick to non-4k file sizes, partly because I don’t have a 4k tv but mainly due to the fact these files sizes are enormous, 40GB+ in some cases.


Do you enjoy streaming the latest movies and TV shows? do you watch a lot of them? if the answer to those questions is yes then there is nothing left to say 🙂 hopefully, you have a better idea now of what real debrid is and how it will help you to stream better and more importantly more securely.

A lot of people get confused as to what this service is, which is why I wrote this real debrid review, think of it like this, they download the files and you just watch them, it is that simple and quick to get started, everything is store remotely.

Once you signup for the service you will need to authorize real debrid to act as the main supplier of links via your streaming application of choice, whether it be Seren, Venom or CyberFlix to name just a few, there are many others but these are the ones I use.

It is personnel preference which one you use, I will go over how you authorize real debrid with your particular application in detail if you drop a message in the comments, there are just too many to cover, but the process for each is pretty much the same.

It is not complicated to get up and running with real debrid, the number of links you will be able to play will increase 10 fold, and you will wonder what you did before you started using their service, trust me you will not be disappointed.

real debrid

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  1. Terence Kinnear says:

    Not enough information IN SIMPLE ENGLISH! Lots of gobbledygook, but no concrete information about the actual content that can be downloaded. “This site is very good; trust us” is far too vague.

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      Hello Terence,

      Thank you for the input, I will update the article to be more on point, is there anything, in particular, you would like to know?

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