Prostastream Review – Is It As Good Or Amazing As They Say It Is?

Prostastream Review

When it comes to us men we need to make sure our prostate is healthy and getting the proper attention it deserves, it is important to get regular health checkups to make sure there is nothing sinister lurking there, it does not always need to be a negative issue, but to be on the safe side book in regular check-ups.

prostastream review
prostastream review

Prostastream is a new supplement that is designed to keep your prostate in check by shrinking your enlarged prostate down so you don’t need to urinate as much, giving you a much better quality of life, it is also using nothing but 100% natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals are used in its production.

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Once men reach a certain age their bodies tend to need a little more TLC than they once did, it is important to listen to your body and make sure everything is functioning like it always did, if you feel you are urinating a little more than usual it could be a sign of prostate problems.

You don’t need to immediately worry, just book an appointment with your doctor to get checked out, this is usually done by doing a urine sample at first, this can be tested pretty quickly and you will have the results back in a day or so, don’t take your health for granted and go at the first sign of trouble.

If it comes back you have an enlarged prostate then this is where prostastream can come in and help, by taking just 2 tablets per day you can alleviate the problem of breaking your sleep to go to the toilet numerous times a day or while you are trying to sleep, which is the main symptom of prostate enlargement.

One of the biggest issues is the frequency in which you need to go to the bathroom, this is especially tiresome when you are trying to get some sleep but your body keeps wakening you up needing to go and do your business, more so problematic if you work shifts the lack of sleep can be horrendous.

We have the good fortune of having a talented creator called Frank Neal who after many strenuous years of research and practice came up with a unique blend of ingredients that has helped many people over the last few years get some relief from their prostate problems.

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To start seeing results you are recommended to take it for at least 2 months, in this time you should be able to see the changes in yourself, one of the biggest ones is not wanting to go to the toilet as much as this is the biggest reported pet peeve with prostate enlargement, prostastream comes in 3 container sizes.

  • 1 month supply – 1 x bottle of 60 tablets.
  • 3 month supply – 3 x bottles of 60 tablets.
  • 6 month supply – 6 x bottles of 60 tablets.

You are entitled to fairly large discounts on bulk purchases which you will see on their official website, you are not obligated to buy any of these bulk offers, but if you feel the product is working for you it may help save a dollar or 2 in the future, currently, all US orders are free.

Prostastream Ingredients

We will go over some of the prostastream ingredients below and show you why it is one of the safest supplements you can use, please check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, that is the only way it would affect you negatively or get any adverse reactions.

prostastream ingredients
prostastream ingredients
  • Palmetto Berries – This is used in a lot of supplements, it is made from the root of the serenoa tree, its primary use is to shrink the prostate and help your urinary functions work better.
  • Graviola Leaf – This is primarily for the treatment of cancer, it comes from the root of tropical trees, and its chemicals make a great defence in beating parasites and controlling tumours.
  • Japanese Mushroom Trio – This is just as it sounds it combines the power of 3 Japanese mushrooms, MAITAKE, REISHI, & SHITAKE, the main objective of using these is to boost your immune system as well as a whole host of other health benefits.
  • Cat’s Claw – This is made from tropical vines to help control cancer, it also has many other uses that your overall health will benefit from.

There are more ingredients like Tomato Fruit Powder, Pygeum Africanum Bark, Natural Green Tea Leaf, Broccoli Leaf extract, Selenium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6, Zinc, Copper, and Plant Sterol Complex, but the 4 above are the most important ones as they do the bulk of the work, they are also known as active ingredients.

As you can see everything is gathered from natural sources, there is no traditional medicine of any kind used in the supplements, every ingredient has its job to do and it does it well making it a one of a kind product that will hopefully help you relieve some of the pressure associated with your prostate issues.

Prostastream FDA Approval

At the time of writing this article, prostastream has been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as is completely safe to use, prostastream is manufactured using only natural ingredients, it is always advised when trying any new supplement to ask your doctor’s advice first and foremost to get their expert opinion on new products.

It has also been proven that prostastream is non-addictive, as the main ingredients are all pretty much standard items used in many other supplements used throughout the world daily, they are also non-GMO and use absolutely no stimulants.

The tablets are also manufactured in an FDA registered facility and is governed by a strict code of ethics and manufacturing, regular checks are carried out in these facilities to make sure each manufacturer is giving you the best possible product and not cutting corners in production.


You should be aware that this is not a cure for an enlarged prostate, and is not marketed to be one, it will only help to keep your prostate healthy and in a lot of cases help to shrink it, each person is different and what helps one person might not help another.

You should also check with your doctor that there will be no interactions if you do decide to start taking prostastream with any medication you may be on, this is a good thing to do as a rule of thumb as very occasionally interactions can occur cancelling out the positive effect of a drug or in this case a supplement.

There have been no side effects whatsoever reported by anyone taking this supplement (at the date of writing this article) if you feel you need a little extra help controlling your prostate inflammation, this is a very good option, it only uses naturally sourced ingredients that are found in the wild, making it a safer for everyone.

To get the best results it is recommended to take it for a few months at the minimum, in this time you should see if the supplement is working for you or not, if you don’t feel confident it is helping, you are more than welcome to get your money back, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee don’t be scared to use it.

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