Synergy Spanish Review – Is It Easy Or Hard To Master? 2 Reasons You Must Try This Course

Synergy Spanish Review

It can be quite daunting trying to learn a new language, it is not as easy as some people may think, it entirely depends on your ability to retain the information you are being taught and bring it to the forefront of your brain, just like in school.

That being said this course will take you by the hand and also makes sure you learn at a pace that is easy and most comfortable for you, you will begin to understand the Spanish language in easy steps and will eventually begin to talk in full sentences without referring to the course material.

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There are many good reasons to learn another language, one of the most important ones is to be able to converse with people you would not normally have conversations with, whether it be about the country’s history or cooking it will open a new door for you, and one you will love.

As we mentioned earlier there are 2 main reasons we think that you should use this course if you are serious about learning to speak Spanish, you must also put in the work to get the intended results, but if you are focused then you should nail this course.

  • You can start to speak Spanish fast – The speed at which you can start speaking Spanish is quite frankly astonishing, within the first few minutes, they have what is called a fast start action guide which is designed to get you up and running very quickly.
  • You can get both audio and video lessons – Not everybody likes to learn through audio alone, I am a visual learner, so I like to see things as well as hear them, the fact they accommodate for both is very very refreshing to see.

And these are only 2 of the reasons we have listed there are quite a few more, I found listening and watching the courses at night after dinner, had a soothing effect and made me take the course better, during the day with work can be hectic so I shut the brain off lol

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Synergy Spanish App

This was a nice feature, in this day and age everything is done on apps, I almost forgot to test this feature out as I was writing this synergy Spanish review and backtracked to download it for android, they also have Ipad and iPhone support too.

I can say for sure the app was a better way for me to get access to the courses, It made my long train journeys go in like a flash! whatever way you feel more comfortable the options are there, on your PC or laptop or on apps it is all accessible.

Synergy Spanish Members Login

If you forget the website to log in to when enrolled in your course the correct domain URL is do not log in to any other website, many sites are designed to copy the target URL in an attempt to get your login credentials.

Synergy Spanish Courses

The course material included is quite extensive, I will list what you can potentially get access to, please keep in mind there are 3 packages you can choose from, each a little more expensive than the last these are.

  • Synergy light – This includes all audio lessons, the fast start guide and access to the app.
  • Synergy video – This includes all audio lessons, the fast start guide and access to the app, plus access to the online video courses and the 90-day email coaching.
  • Synergy video plus CDs – This includes all audio lessons, the fast start guide and access to the app, plus access to the online video courses and the 90-day email coaching plus the coaching program on 12 CDs and a printed version of the action guide.

In my opinion synergy video, the second option is more than enough, I did not need the course on CDs or to have a printed action guide, but that is not to say everyone is the same you might find this helpful at least the option is there.

There are 68 audio and video lessons to get to grips with, as well as the offer of the 90-day coaching via email, so if you get stuck you know you can easily email the author with your query and he will get back to you to give you that extra helping hand, I had to do this quite a few times.

The author (Marcus Santamaria) who has helped over 500,000 people learn Spanish states you only need to learn 138 words, these words make up the backbone of the phrases you will use in your everyday life, as he is the expert that is a great thing to know.

The way the course is structured makes it particularly fun to learn with, there are no boring mountains of text you need to sift through, and the audio and video lessons immerse you and bring you in, making learning fun for a change.


I am from the UK so we are no strangers to visiting Spain, there is a large group of my countrymen who go there faithfully every year without fail, and depending on where you go the locals take a dim view if you don’t at least try to speak their language.

This was one of the main reasons I decided to review this course, I knew it would come in handy in my lifetime, although I don’t go to Spain every year like some I do like the odd trip there, Marbella being our favourite spot.

I enjoyed learning Spanish this way, I prefer to visually see what is going on and the ability to interact with the author of the course for help was quite surprising to me, normally you don’t get such an option as there are usually too many students to attend to (which I understand).

Although I have quite a lot of praise for the course I can also say it can be deemed pricey compared to other courses that teach the same, but is the quality the same? I cannot vouch for all of the other ones but this one certainly taught me a few extra phrases I can now memorize.

Even if you are a beginner this course can help you to master the most basic phrases and have you conversing in Spanish in about 30 minutes, take my advice and grab the video lesson package, this was the way I preferred to learn with and hopefully it will help you too.

If you think the course is not for you there is a 90-day money-back guarantee by the course author, he understands not everyone can learn at the same pace or even at all, so use it if you need to, and finally … Espero que esto haya sido útil adiós amigo!

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